Summer at the Càmina

Càmina Suite and Spa

Summer at the Càmina

The sun will be warm and the days full of light, it’s time to experience great adventures!
The peaks shine and turn pink: at dawn and at sunset, the dolomite takes on a color ranging from pink to fiery red: the phenomenon is called Enrosadira and is particularly visible on summer evenings. Nature is awake and full of energy that you can breathe in our woods …
In the summer many activities will make you live a vacation
in the name of wellness: walks, excursions, climbing , tennis, golf, mountain biking
Walking is one of the best activities to get into full contact with nature, to breathe its essence and its benefits, to abandon yourself to it and forget everything, to be lulled by its wonderful essence to regenerate body and soul.
In Cortina you will find many paths, more than 400 km, to spend days outdoors immersed in untouched nature. Routes suitable for all types of active people, for the more trained and for those who want to relax while admiring the breathtaking views.
On the way back, there will still be light to enjoy a magnificent sunset from your balcony or from the spa relaxation area with a good herbal tea.

Winter at the Càmina

It snows and everything is covered with a splendid white mantle, that stimulates us to have fun and fills us with energy. The air is sparkling, icy and regenerating, the view is magical: it is time to leave for your ski trip!


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