A single word to ensure a better future for our Planet. This is the choice we made to build our eco-friendly hotel.

Càmina Suite and Spa Eco-friendly Hotel

Our efforts

Sustainability: a single word to ensure a better future for our Planet.

In our small reality, we believe that every action taken by each of us can help to make a difference, we do not promise to save the Earth, we do not guarantee that we will be 100% successful, but we believe we should do our best to ensure a better future for the planet that hosts us and the generations to come.

This is why we have joined the GREEN KEY program, to try to build a GREEN future for tourism hospitality.

Green Key certification is the standard of excellence in the field of sustainability in tourism hospitality. The prestigious eco-label represents the facilities’ commitment to meeting the rigorous Green Key criteria established by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

There are so many things you can do, every day, you too can make a difference when you stay in our house; that’s why we ask you to think about your vacation in a sustainable way, help us in this commitment and choose our eco-friendly hotel.

Discover our eco-friendly Hotel

Sustainable energy

We use renewable energy thanks to 6 solar panels and 24 photovoltaic panels, very low emission boiler and sensors on the windows that ensure zero energy waste, blocking the use of the air conditioning system when they are opened.

In addition, the thermal insulation system on all external walls and insulating windows, allow greater efficiency and less energy consumption.

Sustainable lighting

All the lighting is LED-based, which reduces energy consumption by 80% compared to traditional bulbs. CO2 is saved: about 222 g of CO2 for each guest, or 8 trees saved.

Sustainable mobility

The future moves with electric vehicles: We provide 4 electric car recharge and 17 electric bike recharge.

E-BIKE HIRE: A great solution to allow our guests to discover the surroundings in an eco-sustainable way is the bike. In addition to being an incentive to leave the car off during the vacation, the bike offers many advantages and allows you to experience all the benefits of an active vacation on two wheels.



Sustainable rooms

We use eco-friendly cleaning products; home automation in all rooms allows control of lights, electricity and air conditioning in the room. In addition, the rooms have been furnished using local materials and natural fabrics. In the bathroom, showers, faucets and toilet cisterns have low water consumption.

Sustainable practices

We are committed to using local products and from local producers to avoid pollution from transportation.

We have eliminated plastic bottles and use only glass, recyclable!

We separate waste in all areas.

We train our staff to reduce waste and respect our Planet.

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